Monday, June 11, 2018

Speech Competition

Hi bloggers!
On the 20th of June it is the Rotary Speech Competition. Our school is entering 2 or 3 people in the speech competition. I am praying one of those 3 is me! My speech is about why we should employ people instead of robots in the future. Here is my speech.

First they took over factory jobs next they are expected to be mortgage brokers! Yes. Robots are now being employed instead of YOU! Employment is when you have a job like being a banker or working at a shop and you get paid money. Well guess what I believe, I believe we should employ people instead of robots in the future, you just got a degree to listen to me. Hi my name is Louisa Joyce and I will be talking about the future of employment. My supporting ideas are on the way.

Firstly, What do you think you would turn into if you didn’t have a job? A smart educated person living the life of a movie star or a couch potato? I know I would want to be the person living the life of a movie star. About eight hundred million jobs could be replaced by 2030 and guess what is going to take them over, ROBOTS! Scientists are already building robots to live with people, which could increase to the robots doing the easy things for you like making toast or turning the oven down. Mind you they probably already do that. So we would probably become the couch potato watching movies all day unless, we were all exported into space by robots. Hey they could do that!

Secondly, I think that the only two jobs humans could be employed in would be building robots and fixing them. That might not be everyone’s hobby, it might not even be yours, or yours, or yours. Do you know anybody who builds robots? Lots of people are building robots for Google and IRobot. So it’s 2018 right? Well guess what in 2019 one point four million industrial robots will be installed in factories. That’s only one year away! It will also lose millions of jobs!

Finally, What would happen if we we let the robots take over most of the jobs? Who would make all of the decisions a human or a robot? Who would be the Prime Minister, the principal of my school, the owner of Apple! Ahh! My mind might blow soon. I don’t want to be ruled by a robot or get my identity stolen by a robot that looks exactly like me. One Canadian business has already revealed that a computer is doing the job of a human resources department. As I said before robots could blast us into space oneday and this is how it happens. A robot turns evil, gets a troop of ROBOTS, uses one of the spaceships that WE built before THEY took over and blasts us into space.

Now what do you think, I’ve put you on the spot? Do you think we should employ people instead of robots in the future, because you could turn into a “wonderful” couch potato, only one hundred thousand of us would be employed and those overtaking bots could make the decisions. Wake up world! People need jobs not those mechanical, malignant, maleficent robots!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Waitangi Experience

Hi bloggers,
On Tuesday and Wednesday half of the class went to the new Learning Centre in the Waitangi Museum. We got use cool technology like virtual reality and Tinker Cad. Tinker Cad is a program  where you build things in 3D. We also got to look through the museum and see awesome things like weapons that Maori soldiers and European soldiers used in the Battle of Taiamai. Here is my slideshow of activities we had to do to show you what we did.


Friday, June 1, 2018

Legostop motion

Hi bloggers
Last week we did Lego stop motions. If you have been reading my blog lately you would've seen the story and would know the base of the story. Here is the stop motion called The capture of Princess Leia.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Lego stop motion story

This week with Mrs Craig we focused on creative writing. We got to choose what we wanted to write about. We could choose Lego and Lego stop motion or use pictures. I decided to do a Lego stop motion with Sara and Ronan. Our story is about a princess being captured by the Joker. We had to make a story to go with it. Here is the slide I made that has some photos, the script and the story. Hopefully the stop motion will be on my blog soon.

Monday, May 21, 2018

NYLD Conference

Hi bloggers
Last week all the Young Leaders went to Auckland for the NYLD (National Young Leaders Day) Conference. First we went to Pt England School and did some animating. It was really fun! Next we went to Mt Eden Motel where we were staying. Then we went to Wagamama restaurant, I had a mini ramen which is a soup with corn and chicken, a raspberry sorbet and orange juice. Next we went tenpin bowling I lost both games but got a strike. The next day we went to the conference, here are the some of the speakers names Riley Hathaway, Amanda Wilson, Jono Naylor and more. Here are the names of the Young Leaders Sara, Maia, Abby, Depla, Indi, Rico, Luke, Charlie-Jo and Jess. Here is a Photo of Me doing coding.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Hi bloggers, yesterday we had a golf lesson with Paul. First he put us into groups, I was with Jessica and Abby. Next we threw a ball from our hand to the target board and we had to try get the target with the number one on it. Finally we tried it with a golf club and we had to try hit it into a cone and a hula hoop. In golf you have to try and get the lowest number to win. I really enjoyed golf. Here is a photo.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Environmental Writing

Hello bloggers
This week we went on a nature walk. We had to write down things to do with Autumn. We used our 5 senses touch, taste, hear, see, smell and we had to sketch what we saw, we left out the taste. When we got back in class we went to our chromebooks and started writing one of these types of writing cameo, recount, free verse poem, shape poem or a rhyming poem. I decided to write a rhyming poem. Here it is.