Monday, February 19, 2018

Writing poetry No.2

Hi bloggers
As you know we have been learning about poetry. This week we created a poem about a colour of our choice, I choose blue. Here is my poem.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Bio poem

Hi bloggers,
Every week we are learning about poetry. Last week we each made a biopoem. A biopoem is about yourself. Here is mine:

Reading Poetry No. 2

Hi Bloggers, this is poetry No. 2

Monday, February 12, 2018

Treaty of Waitangi

Edited Waitangi Recount

Hi bloggers, This is my edited Waitangi recount.

Edited Waitangi day
“Parking Spot!” I shouted to my mum. We finally got a parking stop, all thanks to me of course. Pop,
I hopped out of the car like a rabbit in a plain paddock. We were in Paihia starting to walk to Waitangi.
It was a long way, but my mum and I walked along the sandy, rocky beach to the bridge that led to
Waitangi. Suddenly I saw people doing the haka and singing songs in front of some waka’s. They were
done and started hopping into waka’s and paddling away. We walked over the one way bridge to
Waitangi like tortoises in a boiling hot desert.

“I’m hungry let’s have an ice cream” said mum, I happily agreed and we walked to the delicious
blueberry ice cream caravan. “Two blueberry ice creams please?” asked mum. The cone went under the
ice cream mixer, the purpley, blue mixture of ice cream came down slowly with a swirl on top. I licked it
off bit by bit as we walked to the Marae.

Finally, we were there at the Marae. We went up to meet Willow Jean Prime and asked her if
Jacinda Ardern was here, but she had just left. We walked back down to the shops. We stopped on our
way, we saw my swimming teacher Kaysha, she said she was going to University in Dunedin. We said
goodbye and went to have Thai food for lunch. It was so yum, I had noodles, prawns and spring onions.
We walked to the Waitangi dock and took the ferry back to Paihia, it was much quicker than walking,
honestly I wouldn’t last another second walking in the bright, yellow sun. We walked across the road to
the car and drove home happily.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Poetry NO. 1

Hi Bloggers,
Every Friday at school we are learning about poetry. This week we compared prose (normal writing) and Poetry. We had to choose a prose and a poetry to draw about. Here is my drawing.